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  1. With respect to the author, I want to point out that the information regarding ghosts or spirits are incorrect. With the movie Ghostbusters and tons of Mediums and paranormal activity shows, people don’t know how easy and simple it is to deal with this. We are spirit beings that live in a body, and posess a soul (that houses the mind or intellect, will and emotions). That is the basis and the only reason we can connect to the spirit world. Well there are two worlds, one of Light and the other of darkness. Living in the world of Light gives you the authority to cast out demon spirits. It is one of the rights or benefits of living in this world. It is that simple. I personally live this everyday and know hunderds of people who live the same way. Nothing weird and spoky like hollywood portrays. A simple prayer that says greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, therefore, come out and inhabit this place no more in Jesus Name takes care of the issue. No screaming, weirdness, drama, or any thing religion has to offer. Email me personally if you have questions. Here are some scriptures that talk about this. You may not understand without reading and understanding the background passages. So read the entire chapters or the ones that interest you.
    Yeap this is free and easy, hence looked upon as ineffective.
    I don’t do religion. I have a relationship by sonship as such I am an heir of an inheritance. Part of my inheritance comes with power and authority from the Father, who lives in the Light. I hope I have not lost you at this point… (scripture verses).
    I have included a church link that has done a great job on this and has books regarding this. You can call them or checkout their site.
    Best wishes,
    An informed reader

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