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Cash In A Flash Real Estate Investor Summit™

At the CASH IN A FLASH Real Estate Summit they will show you how to run an ETHICAL, FAIR, and PROFITABLE REAL ESTATE INVESTING BUSINESS that WILL make you a multi-millionaire, TOO!

It’s sad that so many people think you have to “get over on someone” to make a buck.  At the Cash in A Flash Real Estate Summit they will show you how to run an ethical, fair, and PROFITABLE real estate investing business that WILL make you a multimillionaire, too!

Register today for the Two-Day Cash in A Flash Real Estate Summit™ being taught by Bill and Dwan Twyford – the Nation’s leading foreclosure and real estate experts.  In fact, Bill and Dwan are considered the Nation’s #1 experts in Short Sales®, Foreclosures, Flipping, and Negotiating!

They have personally bought and sold over 2,000 properties, bought millions of dollars in commercial property, coached 1,000’s of students through successful real estate deals, and have been making millionaires all over North America for almost twenty years.

If you don’t know them, that’s okay – You will get to know them and you will LOVE them as much as we do!  They come from a place of ethics, hold themselves to the highest standards, and they make millionaires!  They are the real deal!

They have written FOUR BEST SELLERS!  Most recently, Bill co-wrote a book with Dan Kennedy and Dwan co-wrote a book with Steve Forbes. Why did these two mega-stars choose Bill and Dwan to co-write a book with – BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST IN THEIR FIELD!

Here is a small sample of some of the topics that will be taught at this two-day summit:

  • Flipping Contracts
  • How Are you going to beat out CASH buyers?
  • Learn About Your Market Change?
  • High Equity Partnering
  • Investing in Out-of-State Properties for HUGE Cash Flow.
  • No-Equity Foreclosure Strategies 
  • Wholesaling REO’s and Notes
  • Rental Roads to Riches
  • Build a Seven Figured Rehab Income
  • Finding Off-Grid Properties
  • Creative Financing Strategies by creating notes
  • Our Proven 3 Offer Short Sale® System
  • Buy Properties for 50% off Asking Price
  • What are the Six Triggers that are Changing Your Market? 
  • Creating-Performing Notes
  • Millionaire Marketing Techniques
  • Building a 500K Per Year Business