5 steps to short sales

I love talking about short sales!

Because people love to do online training – I have a BRAND NEW four part series on short sales.

This is a hands-on 4 Part Series class, and is recorded for your convenience….and with all new information!

Here is a small sample of what you can expect to learn:

Part 1 – We will cover putting your packages together, you will get 5 deals under contract this week as well as find a title company. We’ll discuss how to go to contract, how to get in touch with the Loss Mitigation rep, and much more.

Part 2 – You will submit your 5 deals this week using the first offer. We will discuss and prepare the second offer as well. You need to be on your third offer by next week so that we can close these deals by the end of the month.

Part 3 – This week will be working on getting an acceptance letter and setting a closing date. We’ll also discuss some bankruptcy so that you can stall for time if you need to.

Part 4 – This week will be the most fun. We’ll cover how to get the deals to the closing table, how to use Fast Cash, and what to do next to build wealth. You will love this series!

The beauty of this NEW series is that you get to learn as you implement. At the end of each call, I give assignments so that you can implement your lessons as you go. My goal is for you to close a deal by the end of the series.

What would an extra $10,000, $20,000, or even $75,000 do for you in the next 30 days?

Take the four part series for just $749 and receive a Downloadable Training Program of my NEWEST
Short Sale Secrets program – that’s over 500 pages of written material.

(Due to the nature of this series, returns are not accepted once Part 1 of the Series has been sent.)


Order right now and I’ll include a fantastic BONUS – One month of coaching to insure your success. This month of coaching will be used during the 4 Part Series classes.

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We start a new FOUR PART SERIES every other week. Join us!