Knowing how the bankruptcy system works and how to use it to your advantage will enhance your career in ways you can’t even imagine yet. You’ll be able to negotiate with banks, buy homeowners time, stall the sheriff’s sale, and so much more. Bill recently met with several bankruptcy attorneys and then recorded and wrote this program. This is the most up to date information available. The cd’s are extremely detailed and leave nothing out. Bankruptcy can be a confusing subject until you “get it.” Once you do, you will be unstoppable.

Some of the subjects covered include:

  • What’s important about Bankruptcy?
  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 7
  • How to read the Timeline
  • How to talk to the bank
  • Getting certified copies
  • Why certified copies are important
  • Postponing the sale
  • Can you sell in bankruptcy?
  • Meeting of creditors (341 hearing)
  • Extending the (341) hearing
  • Buying the homeowners time
  • How a payment plan works
  • I was in bankruptcy, and the bank sold my house
  • Not making payments on the chapter 13 plan
  • Bank threatens motion for relief of stay
  • Motion to convert
  • What does the bank say?
  • Rule 109(g) #1
  • Rule 109(g) #2
  • Selling the property while in chapter 13
  • Using a different attorney in the second filing
  • Filing a motion to dismiss

Bankruptcy is a fascinating topic and can make you millions.

The more we learn about it, the more money we make. It gets fun when you get loss mitigators who think they know a lot about bankruptcy. We just steam roll right over them. You can feel them squirming in their seats through the phone.

We are offering a BRAND NEW resource to you … a Three Part Series!

A three part series taught over the phone and recorded for your convenience.

A new series will start every other week.

Each training session is one hour in length, followed by a 30 minute Q & A.
Bill Twyford – the nation’s foremost expert on bankruptcy, teaches this series.

As soon as you register, you will download your personal Bankruptcy Timeline Workbook and use it to follow along throughout the series. Bill has put together a brand new program just for this class. This is a “fill in the blank” series. It is the FIRST one of its kind in the country.

We make it so easy for you to succeed …

  • No travel
  • No hotels
  • No babysitting
  • No time off work
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Easy to implement
  • Spread out over three-weeks so you can implement as you learn
  • and much, much more.


(Due to the nature of this series, returns are not accepted once Part 1 of the Series has been sent.)

Just register, download your personal Timeline Workbook, and follow along during the complete series. You will notice an immediate increase in your income because you will implement what you learn as you go along.

Here is what you will learn…

Part 1: Understanding the bankruptcy time-line, understand what happens from the first missed payment through the 341 hearing, how do the new bankruptcy laws affect short sales and much more…

Learn what to do from the 341 hearing through the granted motions, what happens when homeowners default on court orders, and how to sell a house in bankruptcy. Find out which is best – pulling the house out of bankruptcy or filing for a dismissal and much more…

Part 3: What is the “Motion from Relief of Stay”, when homeowners get kicked out of bankruptcy, why Rule 109 (g) is imperative to know. Learn the banks top objections and how to get around them and much more…

This series will change the way you do business. Register now and become a bankruptcy superstar!

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