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Short Sale Secrets
Secrets of Closing the Deal
Shut Up and Stick to the Script
Turn $10 into $10,000 in 30 Days

Flash Cards: Remember the flash cards you used as a child to learn math? Our Flash Cards teach you exactly how to overcome any objections from homeowners and banks using the same techniques. You’ll close deals in record time!

Short Sale: Case Studies: You’ll see how high offers were lowered, deals that fell apart were resurrected, the names and numbers of the bank reps are included in each file, and so much more.

Master Your Phone Skills: This program walks you through building rapport on the phone. It is very difficult for many people to talk over the phone. Most people prefer face-to-face communication.

Short Sales: Advanced Concepts: Learn how to do forbearance agreements, get paid as a consultant, buy notes and mortgages, how to do subject to’s, what happens to the homeowners credit, the advantages of being the bank, and more.

Foreclosure Fortunes: This covers every way I know of to find distressed sellers, how to find team members, and more. With over 50 methods of finding sellers, you’ll have more deals than you know what to do with.

Fed-Up Package: This is the exact package we leave at the homeowners door when we door knock. 80% of the homeowners who receive this package, call or Fed-Ex the package back, completely filled out!

Rehab Riches: Learn insider tips for rehabbing and marketing your properties. The key to a successful rehab is curb appeal. Learn how to make a house as cute as can be for just a few hundred dollars.

Bankruptcy, The Banks Worst Nightmare: This program teaches you how to utilize bankruptcy as a tool in your short sales. Many times sellers call so late in the game that bankruptcy is the only way to buy time for you to negotiate the deal. All the state and federal laws are included in this program

Equity Agreement: This agreement gives you total control over your deals. It puts every aspect of the deal in writing so that there are no misunderstandings with your deals. Having this control sets you apart from all other investors.

Get Legal with FAST CASH Forms: Why spend thousands on attorneys when you can simply use my forms and save thousands. This program offers a power of attorney contract, assignment of contract, an eviction letter, a lease, a first mortgage, a second mortgage, a land trust, and many, many more.

If I Do This I’ll Have to Quit My Job: You can’t get wealthy without a plan. You’ll learn how to set goals, build a business, how to actively chase the business, changing your mindset, attitude, and much more.

NLP – Volumes 11 and 12: A continuation …