communication mastery

Communication Mastery

“Communication Mastery” is your first step to true success.

“The common denominator for all successful people is their amazing ability to communicate. Master your communication skills and you will control your income and your life.”

~ Bill Twyford

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What a crazy way this year is starting … we are in Iowa and all temperature records have been broken this week. It was actually 29 BELOW zero! BELOW….without the wind chill factor!

How cold is that?

  • I was standing outside today and my tennis shoes froze to the ground
  • My nose hairs froze when I walked down the street
  • Our training center had ¼ inch of frost on the INSIDE!

It’s been a crazy week. How has your year started?

The good news for investors is that there are record numbers of foreclosures. It is expected that over 500,000 mortgage payments will reset soon. That is another 500,000 who may not be able to make the new, higher payment.

That means more homeowners who need a fresh start and will welcome the help of an experienced, caring investor – YOU!

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Investors – NOW is your time.

  • What are you doing to further your education?
  • What are you doing to find deals?
  • Are you making the millions that you planned to make?
  • What is stopping you?

We have all kinds of students who braved the cold to learn…what’s your excuse? I find that most investors who complain that they aren’t making money either take too many classes and are all over the map or they don’t do what their mentors tell them to do.

Friends – if you follow a PROVEN system, you will have the same results. That is why it is called a PROVEN system – it works over and over again.

Are you following a PROVEN system? If you aren’t working with us, you aren’t guaranteed success. We have been investing for almost 20 years and have done over 1,800 deals. We have taught thousands of students how to make money in ANY market.

Are you taking advantage of our bi-weekly calls? We do these calls to help you be more successful. They are proven, we cover many topics, we answer questions, we even coach by web camera, we are always here for you. If you participate on our calls and aren’t successful – you are NOT listening!

We guarantee that you will be successful when you work with us. I want you to register now for the call this Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 6:00 PST, 7:00 MST, 8:00 CST & 9:00 EST.

You are going to receive many emails from every speaker and promoter in the world. We don’t want to be promoters, we want to be your mentors. We consider ourselves to be teachers, not promoters. Our goal is to have the most educated students on the planet. Join us for our bi-weekly calls.

This week we are going to discuss – COMMUNICATION MASTERY. I realize that fine-tuning your communication skills may not sound like an exciting topic, but we promise to make it fun! Do you realize that your communication skills make or break your deals? Talking to banks and homeowners is your KEY to success. People who can’t negotiate, can’t make money in real estate, especially in a tough market like this.

Set yourself ABOVE the rest – learn to negotiate like a pro in just ONE hour! Really – just one hour can change your life. Register now!

I have a SPECIAL surprise. Register for the call, get on the call, stay on the call
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I want you to register now for the call this Thursday, January 22, 2009
at 6:00 PST, 7:00 MST, 8:00 CST & 9:00 EST.

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We have such a great year planned for you. The market is NOT going to come back this year – so please be prepared. You can make so much money if you just know what you are doing. We are all in unchartered water. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many homeowners this year. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity…join us on ALL our calls this year!

Have a Blessed and Warm Day,,

Dwan Bent-Twyford


*We moved our shipping department to Clinton, Iowa this week (in the cold) and we found 500 sets of FLASH CARDS that we did not know we had.

Do you remember being a kid and learning math using flash cards? We made FLASH CARDS using homeowner and bank objections and scripts. Our FLASH CARDS sell for $499.

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