Foreclosure Fortunes in Your Own Back Yard

Foreclosure Fortunes in Your Own Back Yard!

Never call distressed sellers again.

Learn how to get them calling you!

On 3 CDs and the written material, Dwan covers pre-foreclosures, brokers’ listings, code violations, probate situations, HUD & VA, auctions, and more deal finding favorites. Document Disc included.

Price: $1,199.00

The Foreclosure Fortune Hunt

In this 5 day training class Dwan and Bill cover all aspects of the foreclosure industry. This class is intended to take you from the beginning level of the foreclosure industry to the advanced level. If you are interested in pursuing this industry as a full-time career this is an event that you can’t afford to miss!

Day One-Two
Nonstop learning! In a classroom setting, we follow the training manuals teaching you advanced techniques and inside secrets. This part of the training is guaranteed to take you “light years” from where you are now. There is no topic left uncovered. Ranging from “finding deals” to “subject to’s” to “wraparound mortgages” to “rehabbing’ to “setting up your business”, and much more!!

Day Three
This day is dedicated to short sales. We cover every angle from “how to put together your short sale package” to “dealing with second and third mortgages” to “note buying” to “dealing with deficiency judgments” and so much more. This day will change your life!

Day Four
We spend this day teaching you how to wholesale properties. You will learn how to put a $10 deposit on a property and wholesale it for $10,000 or more!!! Really, it can be done. We will show you how to wholesale one property a week. You don’t need money to become a successful investor. All you need to know is how to wholesale!

Day Five
This day is more nonstop learning as we put to use what we have learned so far. We spend this day roll-playing and putting deals in writing. You will also enjoy the added benefit of learning how to use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to your advantage. With this knowledge, you will have homeowners eating out of your hand.

You will Learn

  • Building your Business
  • Knocking on Doors
  • Repeat, Approve and Respond
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Finding Deals
  • Wholesaling
  • Short Sales
  • Discounting Notes
  • Negotiating with Homeowners
  • Partnering with Homeowners
  • Forbearance Agreements
  • Role Playing
  • The Pen and Pad Approach
  • The walk through with the Homeowner
  • Contracts
  • Assignments
  • Communication Patterns
  • Embedded Commands
  • Double Closings
  • Dealing with Seconds and Thirds
  • Wraparound Mortgages
  • “Subject to” Rentals
  • Bankruptcy
  • EPA
  • Discounting Mortgages
  • Buying Paper
  • Getting a Business Plan
  • Learning Scripts
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Much More

There are many benefits to being a Foreclosure Fortune Hunt Graduate. One great benefit is that you eliminate the “trial and error” phase of the business. Dwan and Bill have already learned over the years what to do and what not to do and will share this information with you. When you learn from Dwan and Bill, who are active investors, you will save yourself many hardships. They learned the hard way and want to share those secrets with you so you don’t have to learn by your “trials and errors”. Another benefit of attending the Foreclosure Fortune Hunt is that all phases of the foreclosure business are covered. You don’t have to travel to separate workshops in different cities to get just one part of the training. It is all covered at the Foreclosure Fortune Hunt. Your life will never be the same after this experience. Come let Dwan and Bill change your life and be a part of this unique 5 day adventure.