Home owners done for you

Do you want to be a millionaire real estate investor? Are you unsure who to follow? When trying to close a deal with a homeowner where is your confidence? Have you been told you don’t have to talk to anyone anymore? Have you ever been sold into a program like that? Have you invested your hard earned money into real estate guru’s only to be let down?

You realize you  are struggling with short sales, wholesaling, building your team and other area of profitable real estate investing. Well the buck stops here….

My name is Dwan Bent-Twyford. My husband, Bill Twyford, and I are the Nation’s #1 Foreclosure & Short Sale Experts. We have personally closed over 1,950 real estate deals, spoken on stages with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, been on Naomi Judd’s television show, been a featured exert on MSNBC and Fox & Friends, and much, much more.

We have been blessed enough to have written two best-sellers. Both books are dedicated to your success. Whether you desire to be a millionaire real estate investor OR have found yourself upside down – we can help.

We have coached 1,000’s of people on how to buy and sell foreclosures, do successful short sales, talk to homeowners, become wealthy landlord’s, and much more. It’s your turn now!

  • Would you like to have a house so big that your enemies can’t sleep at night thinking about it?
  • Do you have kids who need a college education? I have three kids in college and it is expensive!
  • Do you want a nicer car?
  • How about a dream vacation several times a year?

Until now we have NEVER negotiated with homeowners for students. People have begged us for years to partner with them and do deals for them. We are just too busy and focused on education and personally coaching you to try to manage a homeowner negotiating team. Your team player is Bill Twyford…He will talk to your homeowners personally for you.

Since we aren’t like the other speakers (the ones who send you to the Puppy Mill of real estate – the sales floor in Utah) we would only be willing to talk to homeowners for students if WE were actually doing it our self’s – not some salesman reading from a program. 99% of you who have paid thousands of dollars for someone else to do your negotiations for you are all having a sales team in Vegas or Utah do them. The funny thing is that the same sales team works for all the gurus and most of the guru’s don’t even know it. We happen to know one of the managers personally who sent us a list of guru’s they work for and it would stun you! Some investors pay one guru $5,000 per year for coaching when another pays $25,000 for the same coach…the student has no idea it’s the same coaching floor.  What is worst is they are telemarketers who read from a program.

That is why none of their deals are closing.
You have to look at your business…we don’t want you to narrow your business to just short sales like so many other people have; however, right now that is where most of the money is. Like we have always said unless you are buying REO’s or bank notes… it all starts with the homeowner…without them there is no transaction.

It’s not about what’s owed on the property…
It’s not about what the property is worth…
It’s not about what bank owns the lien…
It’s not about the condition of the house…
It’s not about the location of the property…
”It’s all about the HOMEOWNERS MOTIVATION”
You need to know and understand this…

Also, markets change all the time and if all you know how to do is short sales, you could find yourself out of business when the market changes. We teach our students how to make millions doing short sales, wholesaling deals, buying long-term rentals, buy and selling silver, working with credit repair, and SO much more. We are a UNIVERSITY and we focus on how to help you gain “Wealth Thru Wisdom.”

Whatever your motivation for getting into real estate investing is, we all want a bigger and better life. In fact, in this economy – most of us just want to survive!


Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for millions of homeowners. They are estimating that 10 million people are in some phase of mortgage default…10 MILLION! It is staggering!

Imagine how it will feel to be the knight in shining armor who rescues people? Think about the incredible benefits:

  • Helping distressed homeowners save their home from foreclosure.
  • Getting the homeowners some CASH.
  • Helping people who want to move on get a fresh start.
  • Saving people from suicide – yes, people actually commit suicide over losing their home!
  • Helping some of these people become successful investors as well!
  • And the best part is that you CAN’T fail being under our wing!

The emotional and financial rewards are incredible. I have never loved anything I have done in the past as much as I love helping folks who have nowhere to turn get a fresh start and keep their dignity along the way. It is absolutely rewarding and satisfying!
I want to teach you how to have the same incredible career and emotional high that I feel every day – and it’s legal.
It’s legal to make a lot of money…

I received this recently from an investor who was so down and that she had just had her car repossessed. Take a moment and read it. It will touch you…in fact – I cried when I read it:
I am emailing each of you a copy of a check that I received this past Thursday upon closing a Short Sale…..I want to THANK YOU! Without you I would not have had the courage and/or motivation to get out there and talk to people. We had done some real estate investing and had some discouragement, so we gave up. We received an email about some training and coaching you were doing so we took a Step of Faith and we joined. GOD BROUGHT US OUR ANGELS! –
We have been going through terrible times.  Every possible thing that the enemy could throw at us, he threw. Our bank account probably had less than $100 in it and we had just had our only vehicle repossessed, when we received this check! I OWE IT ALL TO YOU FOLKS and I Thank the Lord for bringing the Teacher when the Student was ready!
I have attached the copy of my check. Please feel free to use it as a testimony to your Training and Coaching and please tell EVERYONE that you are not another Fly by Night bunch of Real Estate Course Sales People – you really care about your students!
And thank you for the training calls that are TRUE TRAINING and not just Glorified SALES calls like so many other so called, “Gurus” out there. They don’t care about people like you do. They just want to “Line their own Pockets” you all are NOT like that.
Again, Thank you and May God continue to Bless you all and make you all a Blessing to others.
Elisa K –

Isn’t that an incredible story? Her check was $8,700 dollars and it changed her life. What would a check like that do for you right now? What about an even larger check – maybe in the $30,000 or $50,000 range? It is very possible to make checks in excess of $100,000! Wow – what would that do for you?
We want to work with you. We want you to work with us! We want to teach you to become a superstar! We want to make sure you get a solid education from an ethical mentor.
We have made hundreds of millionaires along the way and will continue to do so. Since people keep begging and begging us to do negotiating for them, we have decided to offer a very small, very elite program that gives you the opportunity to work with my husband…Bill Twyford.

Bill really needs no introduction…you know he is the master negotiator.
After months of discussion, we have decided to do HOMEOWNER NEGOTIATIONS for active students on a very limited basis. We are doing this in a partnership style and are going to work hand-in-hand with only 15 partners.

Here is how it works:

  • We will sign a Non-Circumvent Non- Disclosure Agreement (NCND)
  • You contact the homeowners and get them to agree to talk to your partner…Bill Twyford – feel free to find leads any way you choose and send us the leads.  Bill will close the homeowner for you.
  • Once you give the homeowners to us, you will immediately begin working on finding someone to wholesale the property to and getting more leads.
  • All properties will be flipped and we are going to partner the first deal with you on a 50/50 basesWe are partners! After the first deal…you keep 100 % of the profit.
  • As we do the negotiations for you, you will have more free time to find buyers, new homeowners, build a solid team, and get your business model rolling.
  • You do not have to send all of your homeowners to us.

We know that once you make the decision to work with us that you will never look back! To make this decision even easier we have offered this to you for a very special price.
The FTC wants me to tell you that these results are not typical. They seem to think that you will get involved and then do nothing. I think differently.

We have limited openings in our HOMEOWNERS DONE FOR

We currently have 15 openings for 15
VERY lucky, dedicated people.

We are personally going to do your homeowner negotiations so that you can focus on getting more deals!



Here is another testimonial…
I was a low paid PC repairman for most of my 20’s, not going to college. Although I know all there is about PC repair and networking etc, I really was ‘burned out’ on doing any more PC repair because of the declining need for repairs in my area coupled with now ‘everyone’ is doing it. I have worked on computers since I was 13 or 14 years old.
With a wife, a 6 year old and a new baby, I was really doing some soul searching about what my next move would be. I was praying and seeking God each and every day. One day, on my way to a service call I had to stop by the local library and print out the paperwork needed for the service call, since I was so broke I did not have paper or ink for my printer.
I stopped for a few moments and started perusing the books located in the ‘real estate’ section. I had been interested in real estate for the past few years but always thought that I had to have my ‘own’ money. I had ‘flipped’ a house and risked my dad’s money in order to ‘flip’. We finished the rehab on the house and searched for a buyer the conventional way, with realtors but that did not work because we did not have the home priced aggressively. This was also in 2007 during the housing ‘crisis’. My luck … to start something during a crisis. It has been how my life had been so far, just a little behind on the times. But God had a different plan for me and my family! I saw a little purple book and it stuck out on the shelf. It said ‘Short Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing’. Something inside my head said ‘check out that book!’ Well I did and I have not looked back!
Dwan Twyford is an angel sent directly from heaven. I read that book twice from cover to cover and it details exactly what you need to do! She also took me under her wing and that next month, I had a deal and made over $19,000 bucks! Then two months later I had a deal sold for another $18,000! Although I split it with my dad since he helped sell the units, we are currently working 6 short sales and will be getting more deals now that we are starting to incorporate realtors into our business!
I am telling you Dwan is THE REAL DEAL and no one, I repeat NO ONE in this business knows how to do these deals like DWAN! She has inspired me to make more money and to put my destiny in MY HANDS! How is that for a REAL DEAL??!
Brian P.

Friends, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make the decision right now, join our team and watch the magic unfold. Imagine having us personally working with you, being partners, and guiding your every move – how could you possibly fail?


Here is the special for you…
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Fed-Up with Foreclosures                                                    $    997.00
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Homeowner Negotiations with Bill                                           $ 3,997.00
8 LIVE Coaching Calls with Bill                                                  Priceless
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Total Investment              $ 1,497.00