NLP and Scripts

In every area of our lives, we are forced to talk and communicate with others. NLP is advanced communication techniques that will make you a cut above the rest.

Why are these people so successful? Because they know what and how to talk to anyone in any circumstance. Do you?…This is why knowing homeowner and bank objections are so important.

Bill will teach you how to:

  • Speak to banks in their own language
  • Speak to homeowners in the language they need to hear today – anger, embarrassment, denial
  • Speak to the people who will be your future buyers
  • Speak to title companies to negotiate better closing costs
  • Speak to real estate agents to get them to work with you
  • Speak to BPO agents for better short sales
  • Basically speak to anyone and everyone who you need on your team to become a millionaire real estate investor


There is no better feeling than to know that no matter what anyone says – you have the answer and are confident in what you say. People want to work with people who are confident – isn’t that part of the reason you like us. We are confident in our ability to change your financial future, however; we can’t do it without you doing your part. Learning our systems is you doing your part…so that we can do ours.


Look what others are saying about NLP and Scripts:

  • “I went from closing “1 out of 20” deals to “1 out of 2″ after learning better communication skills” – Teresa.
  • “NLP and Bankruptcy earn me over 2 million a year – Gary.
  • “I saved $1,800 on a repair because of my improved communication skills” – Robert.
  • This supercharged my income and took me to the top in my area” – Randy.
  • “My income doubled in one year after learning Bill’s techniques” – Mike.


Here is what you get and the price:

Objection Handlers (Homeowners)-Downloadable Program $299.00
Objection Handlers (Banks)-Downloadable Program $299.00
Flash Cards-Physical Product sent $499.00
30 days coaching with Bill $500.00
Mastering your Objection Training CDs for Homeowners and Banks $599.00
Total Value $2,196.00

Total Investment is ONLY $399.00.