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Bill and Dwan have an incredible one-of-a-kind resource for you: A state-of-the-art Coaching Community that includes PERSONAL coaching with Bill, Dwan, Ayla, and Will!

That’s right – LIVE coaching with the gurus themselves!

This Community offers more real estate investing training than any other site of its’ kind including The Foreclosure Beat, Investing Tools, Coaching Calls, Training Videos, The Documents Library, The Forum – where you can have your questions answered daily – and much, much more!

Here is the best part: You can join FREE!

Do it right now and watch your income soar!

Foreclosure Fortunes In Your Own Backyard

foreclosureYou’ve heard the story of the couple who sold all of their worldly possessions, including their property, to search for gold only to return years later and find their old property sits on the largest goldmine in history!

Most people don’t realize that the best deals are right under their noses. Foreclosure Fortunes In Your Own Backyard not only tells you how to find unlimited FORECLOSURES, it also covers everything down to what to wear and what to say when buying these properties.

The best deals are always right under your nose 0 NOT ANYMORE!

Watch the short video right now to find out how you can find all the foreclosures you can handle and build your own Foreclosure FORTUNE!

The Perfect Trifecta

Steve Forbes says that each year there are more NEW millionaires from the “real estate investing” asset group than all the others combined!

America is expected to produce FIVE MILLION new millionaires in the next few years and we say, “Why shouldn’t you be one of them?”

The Trifecta of real estate investing includes our top THREE programs:

  • How To Turn $10 into $10,000 in 30 Days! – The fasted way to flip houses for super-fast cash in 30 days or less!
  • Foreclosure Fortunes – The fastest way to find hidden treasures right in your own backyard.
  • Short Sale Secrets – How to work with the banks to buy foreclosures at 50% of the value thus securing you a solid flip.

The combination of these three programs has made us and our students millionaires.Isn’t it about time for you to do the same?

Watch the quick video for details!

The Foreclosure Fortune Hunt

screenshot_01This is a one-of-a-kind training. You will come to Denver and jump on the bus with us as we tour foreclosures, government seized homes, rehabs, and more. We will analyze each and every property, teach you how to add square footage for larger profits, and how to become a successful rehabber.

In addition to learning how to become a rehabber, you will ALSO learn how to “Flip” properties to OTHER rehab and landlord investors for quick cash.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL BONUS: For those of you who have money to invest, you can pick any of the houses that we see and YOU can become the investor who backs the deal for us. We will pay YOU 15% interest as well as 5% of the profit just for backing our deals. We love to create win-win-win situations and welcome our students to become business partners!

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The Fed Up with Foreclosures System

Most investors leave a business card or flyer when door knocking. WOW – are you out of date with what is happening. NEVER door knock without leaving our super-successful “FED-UP” package. We have a 50% call back rate! Don’t miss the boat! Order the “Fed-Up Package”.

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