Prospect with THE Pro Program

“Prospect with THE Pro”

  • Do you want to be super successful this year?
  • Does the negative news scare you?
  • Are you fearful of where the market is still headed?
  • Do you believe that if you could work with us one-on-one you would be more successful?
  • Would you like to have a full-proof way to be successful?
  • Do you believe that you could FAST TRACK your business if you could work with us, in person, in our area for a day?
  • If you did exactly what we do would it make a difference in your business and finances?
Bill and I are the Nation’s #1 Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Negotiating Experts. We have personally bought and sold over 1,800 properties, bought millions of dollars in commercial property, coached 1,000’s of students through successful real estate deals, and have been making millionaires all over North America for almost twenty years now.

If you don’t know us, that’s okay – You will get to know us and you will LOVE us. We come from a place of ethics, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we make millionaires!

We have been blessed enough to write FOUR best sellers.

It’s sad that so many people think you have to get over on someone to make a buck. We will show you how to run an ethical, fair, and PROFITABLE business that WILL make you a multimillionaire!


If you answered YES to just ONE of the questions at the TOP of
this page then keep reading.
We have a once-in-a-lifetime proposition:


We want to invite you to spend one full day with us doing what we do best, making money. That’s right, you get to come to Denver Colorado and work with us in our backyard and see exactly what we are doing to make millions. If it works for us (which it has been for over 20 years) it will certainly work for you!


Prospect with THE Pro – Here is how it breaks down:


  • You fly or drive to Denver and stay at the Sheraton in Lakewood Colorado.
  • Bill and our Team picks you up at the hotel at 9:00 am.
  • You, Bill and our Team start the “hands-on – hit-the-pavement” marketing session.
  • You, Bill and our Team will be meeting with homeowners behind in payments or in foreclosure, putting out signs, etc. THIS WILL GET YOU OUT OF YOUR BOX!
  • You watch and learn, and yes, you get to talk to homeowners, too.
  • Role playing will be required.
  • You, Bill and our Team will stop for lunch.
  • You will be door knocking, doing effective lead follow-up, and qualifying customers on the streets of Denver Colorado.
  • You must wear tennis shoes and bring clothes for warm or cold weather. The weather is not a factor in Bills business.
  • Spend all day learning how to work the streets, neighborhoods, and talking to people.
  • Learn how to be held accountable.
  • Learn how to track your leads and learn your numbers.
  • Learn the key fundamentals of his successful business.
  • This will be the best thing you ever have done…do yourself a favor and register now.


“Prospect with THE Pro”
– If that isn’t enough, keep reading:

Why You?

  • Working with Bill and our Team in our backyard will be priceless. See how he does what he does to make his business a success.
  • Talk direct to homeowners with Bill.
  • Hands on marketing – not mailing crap.
  • Door knocking with the best.
  • Lose weight – for sure.
  • This will be the hardest you have ever worked in this business…REALLY!
  • This will get you over the fears that have been stopping you.
  • Spend time with Bill and our Team one-on-one all day.
  • Learn how to do effective lead follow-up.
  • Learn how to explain the homeowner options to them.
  • Be ready to hustle!
  • Drink a lot of water 3 days before coming.
  • Go to bed early the night before.



What are Bill’s Requirements and what are Your Requirements?

  • Bill furnishes the leads, the car, the gas, the fed-up packs, the signs, lunch, entertainment, the scripts for the homeowners because I can’t count on your scripts…lol…and most of all… Bill.
  • You will furnish your plane ticket or travel, hotel room, to and from airport to hotel, an open mind to learn with and a lot of energy…really…no slow walkers…I don’t want to wear you out before noon and have to take you back to the hotel early. That has happened…
  • You will receive All Scripts and Flash Cards when Bill sees you at 9 am.





You would expect to pay upwards of $50,000 for a national trainer to work with you in a one-on-one situation! Just look at the guys who travel the “circuit” selling you a bill of goods and then disappearing! I have heard thousands of stories of students who were pressured into raising their credit card limits, embarrassed into buying programs, bought programs and then were dropped, and never closed a single deal because they had no support!

  • Kiyosaki charges upwards of $50,000
  • Armondo charges upwards of $35,000

And the few of other TV guys also charge upwards of $35,000 for private mentoring.

WHY then, you ask, do we charge so little? Is it because our program isn’t as good, is it because we don’t compare…why?

It’s very simple: You are coming to our backyard, you are taking your very valuable time and spending it with us, and you are helping us build our business!


We even open our door for you to partner deals with us! We work hand-in-hand with many of our students…MANY!

The investment to spend a day and “Prospect with The Pro”
is just $9,997! That’s right! You read it right…Just $9,997!

However, I want to make this opportunity so good that you just can’t say no…so for the next person who signs up, right now, I am going to give you a one-time only scholarship of $2,000 to be used toward the “Prospect with The Pro” Apprentice Program!

  • The $2,000 is for travel expenses, food, and so on!
  • Making the total investment today just $7,997!
  • This includes one full-day with Bill Twyford and either Will Twyford or Ayla Bent door knocking in Denver.
  • Learning neighborhood awareness.
  • Learning how to map – way more important than you can even imagine.
  • How to spot foreclosures from the street corner.
  • The Fed-Up Program.
  • The Flash Cards.
  • PLUS, six months of one-on-one coaching with me!
  • Become a millionaire!
  • Reach your financial goals!
  • We will teach you how to grid map the perfect area in YOUR city.
  • Share where we find all of our personal data.
  • Teach you how to take what you learn here and drop it right into your perfect area, which we will help you find.
  • Basically, we will help you set-up your business and get the ball rolling.

My goal this year is to help 100 people become new MILLIONAIRES and another 1,000 to earn OVER $250,000 a year!

Do you want to join me on the greatest real estate adventure of your life? Then register right now for the PROSPECT WITH THE PRO APPRENTICE PROGRAM!

We will hit the pavement and your life will forever be changed!


We are offering TWO BON– USES to those of you who jump on this today:

  • The Fed-Up Package – this is the package we leave when we door knock. We have completely changed the way investors door knock. NO MORE trying to put a deal together at the door, NO MORE trying to get into the house, NO MORE pressure! We simply tell the homeowners we are dropping off some FREE information and ask them to look it over and call us if they have any questions. Our return-call rate is off the hook!
  • SIX Months of coaching with me personally! That’s right, not a student, not the dreaded sales floor in Vegas, you get the real me by your side every day for six months. I will walk you through your deals, make certain you close several deals, and hold your hand every step of the way. I WON’T let you call through the cracks!


Friends, you will not find ONE real estate investing guru who would do this for you for just the low investment of $7,997. Why would we do it then? Because we know that spending the day with you teaching you what we do will net us at least one deal which puts money in both of our pockets.

It creates a win/win situation for BOTH of us so why wouldn’t we? We have taught over 400 investors in a one-on-one situation and have a 100% success rate! Everyone is making money, kicking butt and taking names, and reaching their millionaire goals. What is stopping you from reaching your goals?

“Prospect with THE Pro Apprentice Training” is a no-brainer! You will hit at least 30 doors of folks who need your help.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – DO IT RIGHT NOW!