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What do you think is the #1 thing that holds people back from having true success in ALL areas of their lives?

These are just a few items holding people back. Read the list carefully – Maybe a few of these apply to you:

  • Lack of education
  • Lack of effort
  • A sense of entitlement
  • Lack of confidence
  • Too much competition
  • Not enough focus
  • Feeling like there is no opportunity
  • Too many failures in the past


What is your reason for not having the success you truly desire the REAL reason not the surface answer you give to everyone else. In your soul why don’t you have what you want?

The biggest obstacle we find for failure is lack of communication. What? Communication? That doesn’t even make sense. Really???

It does if you read the studies!


Let’s take a closer look. Here is what the lack of communication can do TO you:

  • You don’t ask for a raise because you don’t know how to
  • You don’t ask for a raise because you don’t know what to say
  • You don’t ask out the “hot guy/girl” because you can’t muster up the courage
  • You are failing at real estate investing because you are afraid a homeowner might yell at you
  • You never make-up with anyone when you fight because you can’t get the words out
  • You are shy in a large group
  • You don’t know to talk to your kids so you fight all the time
  • Because you don’t exactly what to say – you say nothing


Does this sound like anyone you might know?


The great news is that we have a solution to your problem a solid solution that works in every aspect of your life.

Bill has been working for over a year to bring you the most comprehensive communication system you will ever see. If you pay any attention to all the other so called guru’s you will notice that they all want to sell you into a “do it while you sleep system”.

Name one guru who teaches:

  • Any type of communication skills
  • Explains how to word things to sound stronger
  • Teaches you how to control the conversations
  • Shares insider secrets to close more deals
  • Makes you a stronger person who can conquer anything

Why do you think that is?


It is because none of them know anything about NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming!


In fact, MOST of the people you follow have learned NLP from Bill – Russ Whitney, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron LeGrand and many others have sent THEIR trainers to OUR bootcamps to learn. Some of these “students” felt guilty and confessed they were spies and who they worked for lol. I guess it is a compliment! The funny thing is none of these people teach it even after learning it because it is a special skill to teach.

You have to be a “Natural” in order to teach it. The great news is that EVERYONE can learn how to change their speech patterns and use NLP in every aspect of their lives. Thank goodness we have someone as skilled as Bill Twyford, The King of Communication, to teach it to us and show us how to implement it in our everyday lives.

So what is NLP and how can it change your life in EVERY aspect?

  • It is simple communication skills on drugs
  • It is how you say something
  • It is the way you use words
  • It is the way you hold your body which creates body language
  • It is the tonality you use when you speak
  • It is the position of words in a sentence

And so much more!


  • Imagine being able to put together more real estate deals
  • Imagine being at ease when talking to the banks about your short sales
  • Being the top boss at your current job
  • Talking to your kids in a way they can understand and not argue
  • Imagine having better communication with your spouse
  • Imagine not getting tongue -tied ever again
  • Imagine being able to land the “big deals”
  • Imagine being able to ask out that special person without your heart pounding out of your chest
  • Imagine getting upgraded to first class every place you go
  • Just imagine never feeling that “lack of confidence” feeling when placed in any situation


All you have to do is make the commitment to better your life and we will do the rest.

Bill has put together a 20 part series that focuses on improving your communication skills so that you can become thepowerhouse of your dreams. This series will give you the confidence that you lack.

It’s so simple: 


  • You say, YES, I want to move up on the food chain
  • Bill sends you a new series every two weeks for 40 weeks
  • There is no pressure to learn it overnight
  • It becomes embedded in your DNA
  • You listen and read it over for two weeks and – BOOM – another one shows up in your email
  • The best part is – It’s only $99.00 per series
  • THAT’S IT!


  • How to Develop Your Sensory.
  • What are Embedded Commands and what will they do for you?
  • Who uses Down Swings verses Up Swings and what does it say about your personality?
  • What the heck is a Presupposition and how does it benefit me?
  • Understanding how to build instant Rapport, Pacing and Leading.
  • Using Assumptions, Coding and Labeling correctly.
  • Fine-tuning your Response Patterns.
  • What Body Language says about you and the homeowner you may be talking to.
  • Which Communication Systems work best in different situations?
  • How to understand and implement Cause and Effect Language.
  • Using Simple Binds.
  • The power of the Double Binds.


Just CLICK HERE and get part one of this incredible 20 part series right now!

I can promise you several things when you make the decision to take part of this series:

  • Your confidence will increase
  • You will have the EDGE over any competitor in your area
  • You will close more deals
  • Your spouse will even take note at your new-found confidence
  • You will never stutter over your words again
  • The banks reps you work with will have a new-found respect for you
  • You will make more money
  • Your boss will give you a raise
  • Your kids will stop giving you crap
  • You will be able to help more homeowners making a difference in more lives
  • You will simply feel better about yourself in every way possible


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Be the person who reaches their dreams and financial goals and leaves a legacy for your family. Do it today!

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