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Option #1 – Contracts and Cap Rates

Stop having other people tell you when a deal is a good deal.  Learn to do your own Cap Rates so that you can decide for yourself when a deal is a good deal.  If you can’t figure out CAP rates and Contracts then you have absolutely NO business being a real estate investor.

  • Capitalization rates are an indirect measure of how fast an investment will pay for itself.
  • Do you know how to write contracts?
  • Do you get bogged down and not know how to explain then to potential buyers?
  • Do you understand a great deal when it comes up and bites you


Option #2 – The Reality of Today’s Investor

Most investors don’t TRULY understand the real estate investing market as it sits today.  All you hear is one speaker after another pitching some automated system that will make you millions while you sleep.  If you buy one of these programs, make sure to by a TENT with it because that is where you will be sleeping.
We will share the truth:

  • Will Real Estate Come Back
  • Appreciation verses Cash Flow
  • Three Signs Investors Need to Look For
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Seven Critical Steps to Success

$ 395.00


Option #3 – Both Programs

This is always the best option because we give you an opportunity to invest in TWO programs that will change the way you invest.  There are so many facets of real estate investing and by offering you these educational calls each and every week, we will take you light years from where you are now.  

Make the smart decision today and invest in BOTH of these real estate investing advanced programs and know what the experts know, but never share with you.



Thanks for being on the call today.  It is always our pleasure to serve you…

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Bill & Dwan Twyford

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