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Dwan  here – your “go to” person for EVERYTHING real estate related. I’m certain you have been watching the news lately. All anyone is talking about is the bailout and what it means to us. It appears that the government is bailing out the banks – not the homeowners.

Investors, WE have to be the bailout people for the homeowners in distress. If the government takes the bank-owned properties from the banks…how does that help the millions who are behind in payments or facing foreclosure right now? I don’t see how it will. This is where we come in.

Our call Tuesday night will become a STAPLE in your business…

“The Top 5 Exit Strategies in Today’s Uncertain Real Estate Market!”

Bill and I will cover our top five exit strategies and cover in detail our favorite one…THE LEASEBACK.


Investors, you can’t afford to miss this call. People are so worried about financing, how to stay in business, how to make money if your credit is shot, and much more. Don’t worry. Think about this:

F – False

E – Evidence

A – Appearing

R – Real

FEAR is not your friend, it is your enemy. The news thrives on fear. You have heard the newscasters favorite saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Our economy is “bleeding to death” right before our very eyes. Don’t panic or worry – we have solutions.

Let us teach you how to continue making money in this insane market. We just had a LIVE training class last week and here are a few deals our students have just closed:

  • Floyd made $105,000 on his first short sale.
  • Mary made $35,000 and paid off ALL her credit cards.
  • Adrienne and Elmer are getting ready to close a deal for $25,000

All of these deals closed in THIS market. Please don’t miss this call, Tuesday October 14, 2008 at:

6:00 PST, 7:00 MST, 8:00, CST, 9:00 EST

You WILL Learn the TOP 5 exit strategies that still work in THIS market!

There will only be 200 lines open. Last week, the lines were full, so call a few minutes early to secure a spot. The call will be 1 ½ hours in length. We will open the lines for a LIVE Q & A session, so write down all your questions and be ready. Last calls Q & A was great … so many great questions … what a smart group we have:.


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