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You stopped by Super Star Investors and that is exactly what we do – make real estate SUPER STAR INVESTORS each and every day!

We specialize in making people’s DREAMS come true!

  • What do you dream of: a house so big that your enemies can’t stop thinking about it, a vacation other people can only dream about, a car so expensive that people stop and stare at you as you roll by, an Ivy League education for your children, the best care possible for aging parents?

Not ready for that just yet?

  • How about something simpler to start: Being able to pay the light and water bill in the same month, getting some new work shoes, just being able to buy some new clothes, buying steak instead of hamburger?

Super Star Investors does just that

If you really want to kick some real estate investing ass, check out these additional items our SILVER MEMBERS enjoy:

Silver Member Bonuses

  • We offer MORE bonuses than you will see on any website!
  • You will get the Land Trust that we spent $5,000 having drawn up! We have closed over 2,000 deals using THIS EXACT Land Trust! If you are not sure what a Land Trust is, it is a document that you use when you FIX & FLIP deals, WHOLESALE deals, BUY & HOLD deals…basically you use it for EVERY deal you do! It keeps your name out of the public records so as you grow your millions, no one can take them away!
  • You will also get a ONE HOUR training I did where I explain, in detail, how to walk through your first deal. This video is done in a step-by-step manner and I must say I did a great job explaining it! I am a great instructor because I can teach you, using layman’s terms, how to look like a REAL ESTATE INVESTING PRO right out of the gate!
  • You will also get the TOP 10 SHORT SALE MISTAKES most investors make. If you are new to real estate investing, a SHORT SALE® is where you contact the bank and buy a distressed property for 50% of what is owed on it. So you can buy a $200,000 house for $100,000 using these techniques! YES – it is possible and it does work! How do you think I have been so successful!
  • In addition you will get the TOP 7 REAL ESTATE STRATEGIES FOR TODAY’S NEW MARKET! I know, it seems crazy that we could give all this away for just $9 a month, but like I said – We are dedicated to your success and not your wallet!

Real Estate Investor MUST HAVE Tools

  • It’s insane but we have even more! We have every tool you will ever need to be successful.
  • We offer a MAPPING SYSTEM to help you find your foreclosures.
  • We offer several types of CALCULATORS to determine what a great deal is verses an okay deal. When to FLIP, when to KEEP, and more.
  • We teach you how to find all the Section 8 programs across the country and SO much more. Section 8 is a government run RENTAL PROGRAM and the money in insane. It’s no wonder our government is broke – they give all the money away. Why shouldn’t you get some of it! Let the government pay off all your rentals – I did!
  • If I listed everything that we offer under INVESTOR TOOLS you would be reading all day and I’m excited that you are still reading right now, so stay with me a bit longer! I still have LOTS of fantastic information to share with you!

Hottest Real Estate Training Videos

  • I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to watch videos! If I watch them on YouTube I get distracted easily and the next thing you know I am watching funny cat videos. This is why our VIDEOS ARE SO HELPFUL – they don’t take you off the site, so you won’t get distracted. You can actually sit and learn, and I must say, we are quite funny!
  • We have videos that teach you every aspect of real estate investing: how to FLIP properties, what to SAY to a homeowner, what to WEAR, how to FIND DEALS right in your own backyard, we teach you about BANKRUPTCY – which is a fascination topic and so, so, so much more!
  • We make new training videos all the time so you can actually get lost watching detailed, informational videos that will help you on your path to real estate millions!
  • Our TRAINING VIDEOS are for MEMBERS ONLY and are not available any place else. As you watch them here, your real estate investing education will go through the roof!

Huge Documents Library

  • We have the BEST documents library out there! We offer EVERY DOCUMENT you will ever need in your entire real estate investing career!
  • You will find SALES CONTRACTS, DEEDS, EVICTION NOTICES, PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS, HOMEOWNER AGREEMENTS, agreements you have never even heard of and don’t realize that you need.
  • Documents and signed agreements are what keep your real estate investing career safe and hassle-free.
  • Every document that we use is here FOR YOU so that I can be certain you are doing things right and nothing is slipping through the cracks!
  • You see, my job as the Super Star Investors site leader is to make sure you do everything right so that you can have the things that you dream of!
  • I help make dreams come true…what can I help you with?

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This is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have so much information at your fingertips!