Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Superstar Real Estate Investor?

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In addition to running this incredible site for the real estate investor, we also run a REIA in Denver, Colorado. The Colorado REIA is our pet project and we love it!

Every few months we have an “Investor of the Month” award given to someone who not only has made money, buy contributed to our community. Austin and Amanda Faux help the community, help homeowners save their houses, and Austin is a Chaplin in the Army Reserves.

We were thrilled to give this award to them! “But Dwan, I live in New York! What good does it do me to watch this video of someone in Colorado getting an Investor of the Month Award?”

It does you plenty of good!

Just about every city in the country has a REIA group. If you live in Denver, of course, you should joins ours! If you live someplace else, please join your local REIA. REIA stands for Real Estate Investors Association.

The purpose of a REIA is to educate its members. Since my husband and I have been doing deals for over 25 years we don’t have national speakers come to our REIA. We feel we have enough knowledge to teach for the next 20 years…lol.

Most REIA groups have a national speaker come each month and each national speaker is going to give you a sales pitch at the end of the night – that is why the national speaker is there. In fact, if you check out our calendar you will see that we speak at REIA’s each month as well! We have so much information to share that we train whenever and wherever we can…haha.


Not to digress…join your local REIA groups so that you can build a network of real estate friends, build your team, and stay plugged in. When you are ready for one-on-one training you come right back here to Investors Edge University and let us make you one of our Apprentice Students!

We will personally fly to your house or office and work with you!

These videos, including Austin and Amanda, are all Apprentice Students whose lives have been changed by real estate investing! We can change your life, too! Once you are trained, I want all of you to win the Investor of the Month award at your local REIA and send me a video so that I can brag on you no matter where you live!



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