Mark Shares His Success – From Gold Broker to Real Estate Investor

Mark, from California shares his success. He was a Gold Broker who wanted to try something new so he followed us and is a successful Real Estate Investor!


Mark, from California shares his success. He is a SUPERSTAR Apprentice Student who is making a scene in the LA market!

He was a Gold Broker who wanted to try something new so he attended one of our workshops in LA and the rest is history. Mark

is absolutely hilarious as well as being a “Numbers Guy.” He knows that business is a numbers game.

Many real estate investors think they can just buy a program and become wealthy. NOT TRUE! There is a system to success and we have it!

  • How many leads do you need to close 10 deals?
  • In order to close 10 deals how many motivated homeowners do you need?
  • Once you learn the formulas, the rest will fall into place.

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Let’s start with the basics:

Get motivated!  Motivation is the key to getting started.

  • Many people talk about doing something with their lives.
  • We want you to do something with yours.

Starting something new is difficult for all of us.  We understand this because we were once where you are now.  Believe us, once you complete your first deal, the rest will be easier.  All you need is the desire.  Don’t be like some people who put this training program on a shelf or in the bottom of a closet.  We have spies who come to your house unannounced and check for training programs in the bottom of closets.  So, watch out!

Facing rejection is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.  You might have to make many offers before the first one is accepted, but that “one” will be worth it all.  With more experience, you will get more offers accepted.  There have been times when we have received rejections for days, but then knocked on the door of someone who really needed help and treated us like long, lost friends.  This makes it all worthwhile.  It is great to know that you are helping people in distress and making a profit doing it, providing a win-win situation for everyone.  This is a very rewarding and exciting business.  All we can say is “go for it!” – check out our calendar for our next speaking engagement. We are coming to a city near you!






By Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford

The stars aligned the day that Dwan Bent met her future husband, Bill Twyford. They were both famous real estate investors, speakers, TV and media darlings, and had closed over 500 deals EACH: They were at the top of their game. Dwan was a single mom of one and Bill a single dad of two. When they met they became like The Brady Bunch, minus a few kids. They entire family jumped into the marriage and the business and they have been wildly successful ever since. They currently rehab mountain homes, wholesale, build storage units, speak internationally, appear on many TV outlets, and now run The Colorado REIA – Denver’s most successful real estate investors association. Their passion and motto have never changed: People before profits!