Michael A Denver Real Estate Agent Tells You Why You Should Become A Student




 Today’s Bonus Tip:

Script: Bandit Sign Call

Distressed homeowner calls,
“I saw your sign or I was calling about your ad or letter”


You say…


  • Great, my name is_________________ and who am I speaking with?




  • ______________, I’m on a cell phone and not in a good area…can I get your number in case we get disconnected.


  • How can I help you?


  • Tell me a little about your property?


  • What is the address of your property? (  ) Good!


  • What do you think your property is worth? (  ) Great!


  • How much do you owe? ( ) Good!


  • What is the name of your bank we will be working with?


  • How much is your monthly payment?


  • How many payments are you behind?


  • What are you seeking as a result of my help? (  ) Good!


  • Let me ask you this…who is on the title to the property? (  ) O.K.!


  • If you had to move… where will you go? (  ) Really!


Stay in Control by asking questions


  • Do you have enough money to make the move? (  ) Really!


  • Financially, what do you need to get out of this situation?


  • We specialize in helping homeowners buy time to stay in their home.


  • Every month we keep you in your home while we work with the bank, will also save you _________ per month in rent.


  • When I show you a way that I can help you… get some cash… and get you out of your situation, you will let me help you? Won’t you?  ( ) Great!

By Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford

The stars aligned the day that Dwan Bent met her future husband, Bill Twyford. They were both famous real estate investors, speakers, TV and media darlings, and had closed over 500 deals EACH: They were at the top of their game. Dwan was a single mom of one and Bill a single dad of two. When they met they became like The Brady Bunch, minus a few kids. They entire family jumped into the marriage and the business and they have been wildly successful ever since. They currently rehab mountain homes, wholesale, build storage units, speak internationally, appear on many TV outlets, and now run The Colorado REIA – Denver’s most successful real estate investors association. Their passion and motto have never changed: People before profits!