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 Today’s Bonus Tip:

Script: Bandit Sign Call

Distressed homeowner calls,
“I saw your sign or I was calling about your ad or letter”


You say…


  • Great, my name is_________________ and who am I speaking with?




  • ______________, I’m on a cell phone and not in a good area…can I get your number in case we get disconnected.


  • How can I help you?


  • Tell me a little about your property?


  • What is the address of your property? (  ) Good!


  • What do you think your property is worth? (  ) Great!


  • How much do you owe? ( ) Good!


  • What is the name of your bank we will be working with?


  • How much is your monthly payment?


  • How many payments are you behind?


  • What are you seeking as a result of my help? (  ) Good!


  • Let me ask you this…who is on the title to the property? (  ) O.K.!


  • If you had to move… where will you go? (  ) Really!


Stay in Control by asking questions


  • Do you have enough money to make the move? (  ) Really!


  • Financially, what do you need to get out of this situation?


  • We specialize in helping homeowners buy time to stay in their home.


  • Every month we keep you in your home while we work with the bank, will also save you _________ per month in rent.


  • When I show you a way that I can help you… get some cash… and get you out of your situation, you will let me help you? Won’t you?  ( ) Great!