Father and Daughter go Door Knocking and Learn about Bankruptcy

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

  Today’s Bonus Tip:   LEARN TO CONTROL CONVERSATIONS BY PACING, LEADING AND SCRIPTING PEOPLE!    Modification Script “At the Door” or “Over the Phone (OTP)”: IF THE HOMEOWNERS ARE …


Michael A Denver Real Estate Agent Tells You Why You Should Become A Student

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

     Today’s Bonus Tip: Script: Bandit Sign Call Distressed homeowner calls, “I saw your sign or I was calling about your ad or letter”   You say…   Great, …

The Real Estate Rock Stars are Coming to Charlotte N.C. for an Unbelievable Two-Day Real Estate Training!

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Real Estate Investors - Do you want to learn where to find the absolute best real estate deals, speak to homeowner’s in distress, work with banks, and more? Dwan Bent-Twyford, ...