More Millionaires Are Being Made Through Real Estate Than Ever Before!

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Did you know that EACH year there are more new millionaires made through real estate investing than

any other way? That’s right – REAL ESTATE INVESTING!

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When door knocking:

We love to speak directly to people who are facing foreclosure. They love it too! Here are a few HOT TIPS you might like:

  • Two girls can go
  • A guy and a girl can go
  • A guy alone is okay
  • Two guys is a no-no
  • When two girls knock on a door and a woman answers, she will most likely feel safe because they are all girls.  If a man answers, he is likely to feel embarrassed that a woman is trying to help him out of financial trouble.  Traditionally men are supposed to be the bread winners.  He will still work with two women, but it may take a few minutes to establish rapport.
  • If a girl goes with a guy, whether a man or woman answers it shouldn’t make much difference.  When a woman answers, the girl should speak.  When a man answers, the guy should speak.  Safety shouldn’t be an issue because the woman will feel safe because another woman is there.
  • When a guy goes alone and a woman answers, as long as he keeps his distance from the door, she will probably feel okay.  He must keep his hands visible at all times.  If a man answers, the two guys will bond.
  • If two guys go together and a woman answers the door, she will be thinking they are there to rob or kill her, not to help her.  She’ll feel overwhelmed by two strange men at her door and will not hear a word they say.  If you are a two-man team, one can knock on the door, while one waits in the car.  Once rapport is established, ask permission to bring your partner to the door.  If a man answers, it will be no big deal. is always here for you!

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