The Real Estate Rock Stars are Coming to Charlotte N.C. for an Unbelievable Two-Day Real Estate Training!

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Real Estate Investors – Do you want to learn where to find the absolute best real estate deals, speak to homeowner’s in distress, work with banks, and more?

Dwan Bent-Twyford, America’s Most Sought after Real Estate Investor, and her rock star husband, Bill Twyford, are coming to your city for two amazing days of real estate training. Learn how to cask-in on the Flaming Hot Foreclosure market.

Where to find the absolute best deals, speak to homeowner’s in distress, work with banks, and more.

This Two-Day Summit is the Nation’s most popular training in North America. Bill and Dwan have been investing in foreclosures and distressed properties for almost 30 years and have trained over 500,000 people and now it is your turn.

They bare their souls and share every “insider secret” that have ever learned. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the gurus themselves who not only have done real estate, but still do to this very day!

Here is a small sample of some of the topics that will be taught at this two-day summit:

  • No-Equity Foreclosure Strategies                                                             
  • Wholesaling REO’s and Notes                    
  • Techniques that work in DENVER!
  • Finding Off-Grid Properties
  • Working a Market No One Else is Working!
  • Get Your Customers to Say “YES”
  • How to Work With Banks
  • Our Proven 3 Offer Short Sale® System
  • Buy Properties for 75% off Asking Price
  • Buying On Auction Sites
  • Vacant Property Techniques
  • The Fed-Up Package/ The Ice-Breaker
  • Buying Bank Owned Properties
  • Creating Performing Notes
  • Underwater Homeowner Options



If you have ever dreamed of being a successful investor, Bill and Dwan make the perfect guides. They teach you what they are doing, hold your hand while you do it, and cut your learning curve by 30 years. You can become a successful investor today. Register for the Summit as seats WILL be sold out!

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