These Lovely Ladies Killed it at the Apprentice Training!

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Look how much fun these two lovely ladies had. They are successful Apprentice students who live in Grand Junction. We fly to your house and work with you for two one-on-one days. It is incredible!


TODAY’S BONUS TIP: Let’s look at establishing rapport over the phone:

Speak at the same rate of speech as the homeowners.  For example, if the person who answers the phone speaks slowly, do the same.  If they speak fast, do the same.  People who speak fast think that people who speak slowly are stupid.  Likewise, people who speak slowly think that fast talkers are slick and untrustworthy.  Is it true?  No, it is a subconscious thought that most people are not aware of.  When you follow the homeowners’ rate of speech, you seem familiar and the homeowner likes you without knowing why.

Ask them to share a little about their current situation and listen with respect and empathy. Once you feel that they have properly vented, begin to ask details about their situation. Homeowners want to tell you what happened because they don’t want you to think that they are losers.  No one grows up with the goal of being in foreclosure.  Something in their lives changed and they want to be certain you know what it is.

Make an appointment to view the property then call back to confirm the appointment.  During the second phone call, ask more questions.  Be certain that everyone on the deed is home and willing to put a deal together.

When on the phone, listen for the objections you are going to get when you meet in person.  For example, “we don’t have to sign a deed, do we?”  If they ask questions on the phone, be ready to handle them in person.

Something else to consider when meeting homeowners face-to-face is your safety.  I used to knock on doors alone with Ayla hanging on my hip.  That was probably not the best way to do it, but it never occurred to me that something bad might happen to me.  Even though I never felt as if I might put myself in danger, I did carry mace.  You never know when you’ll get a flat in a bad neighborhood or get the feeling of impending danger.  Use your common sense and you’ll be fine.

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