Bryan Is a Trooper – We Door Knocked in a Blizzard!

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When we went to DC to train Bryan, we certainly didn’t expect a blizzard to roll in. Being troupers, we went out door knocking anyway! We had so much fun because everyone was home! Whenever the weather is bad, people will be home!

The more people that are home, the more money you will make. Bryan works for the city and is now making a ton of extra money. In fact, I think his JOB is getting in the way of closing more deals.

Hmmmmm…maybe Bryan will have to make a decision soon: Work for the city or work for himself? What a great choice to be able to make!



  • I closed 25 short sales my FIRST year and so far, I have closed 17 more this year.  Dwan and Bill make it easy.  Many thanks! Jim, Michigan
  • We were in financial trouble myself. Bill & Dwan saved my family! I made ONE MILLION my FIRST year!  Thanks to you both! Elliott, Georgia
  • I have closed over 500 deals with Bill and Dwan’s training. My life is like a dream come true.  This really works!  I love you two…Valerie, Maryland
  • My son and I invest as a team. We have never made less than $500K since meeting Bill and Dwan.  You’re the best trainers ever! Mary and Dave, WA
  • From Tupperware Lady to superstar real estate investor with Bill and Dwan. I now make money, sleep in, and see my grandkids all the time – and spoil them!  Theresa, Colorado
  • Tammy & Mike Collins, Iowa – We just had our closing for our 2nd short sale. House assessed at $87,130. Homeowner owed $84,278.  We shorted it for $29,800 and sold it for $48,000. I just deposited a check for $17,710. That, plus the one from 2 weeks ago puts our profit at $28,586 for the month!  Thank you to you and Bill.
  • Marilyn Mai, Kansas – Bought 5 Tampa Turn-Key Rental Properties. Average Rent -$1,000 EACH!
  • Jim & Jane Welsh, Iowa – Paid $38K – Appraised for $147K – Brings in $1,850. Paid $42K – Appraised $96K – Brings in $1,600. Made $26,000 on another. Made $13,000 on a short and MANY more fantastic deals!
  • Paul & Mary Lindor, Texas – Bought for $32 – Rents for $1050 – Paid cash from short sale profits!
  • Erwin Muff, Iowa – Bought 3 “Tampa Turn-Key Rental Properties” In Two Months! Made $20,000 on his first short sale. Made $20,000 on his second short sale. Flipped a mobile home for $15,000



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