Father and Daughter go Door Knocking and Learn about Bankruptcy

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

  Today’s Bonus Tip:   LEARN TO CONTROL CONVERSATIONS BY PACING, LEADING AND SCRIPTING PEOPLE!    Modification Script “At the Door” or “Over the Phone (OTP)”: IF THE HOMEOWNERS ARE LATE ON THE MORTGAGE BUT NOT IN FORECLOSURE YET: Doing a modification and homeowners have all paperwork in to bank If they are late on …

Bill and Dwan Twyford in Pittsburgh

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford

Bill and Dwan Twyford are coming to a REIA near you! This is an event you can’t afford to miss.   Event Location and Registration Link Coming Soon!   for more information please email info@investorsedgeuniversity.com

Two-Day Cash In A Flash Foreclosure Summit in Atlanta, Ga.

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford

  Register today for the Two-Day Cash In A Flash Foreclosure Summit™ being taught by Bill and Dwan Twyford – the Nation’s leading foreclosure experts.  In fact, Bill and Dwan are considered the Nation’s #1 experts in Short Sales®, Foreclosures, Flipping, and Negotiating!   They have personally bought and sold over 2,000 properties, bought millions …

The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!

Peter Lewis

The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever! PODCASTS WILL POST EACH TUESDAY AT 3:00 pm EST! The best thing I can do for you is to give you my knowledge! Do as I do and get the same fantastic results! I have 30 years of real estate knowledge and I can’t wait to share it …

10 Ideas For a Quicker and Easier Sale When Selling Your House

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

1. Wash your windows and screens. This lets more light into the interior and dirty windows are a turn off. 2. NO CLUTTER. Throw out old newspapers and magazines. Pack away most of your small items like figurines and other trinkets. Store clothing that won’t be used in the near future to make closets seem …

Once In a While I Like To Share My Rags-To-Riches Story

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

You have all heard my rags-to-riches story. While I am still astounded that I am that one-in-a-million person who actually made it to the top, I am over-joyed to share my vast knowledge. I have been doing real estate deals of all types for over 20 years now! It still stuns me when I look …

Bryan Is a Trooper – We Door Knocked in a Blizzard!

Bill and Dwan Bent Twyford Case Studies

When we went to DC to train Bryan, we certainly didn't expect a blizzard to roll in. Being troupers, we went out door knocking anyway! We had so much fun because everyone was home! Whenever the weather is bad, people will be home! The more people that are home, the more money you will make. ...